Upcoming event: 1st National Women’s Convention for Peace in Cameroon, 29-30 July, Yaoundé, Palais des Congrès.

Our National Women’s Convention for Peace in Cameroon will send a strong collective signal that Cameroonian women are longing for peace. During an unforgettable and incomparable three-day-event (29-31 July 2021), more than one thousand women from all corners and groups of society will come to Yaounde to unite their voices: women peace activists, displaced women and girls, victims of war-related violence, female traditional and religious leaders, female soldiers, women entrepreneurs, domestic workers, women from civil society and political parties and many more.

We applaud and pledge our support for all the peace efforts undertaken by government and all its partners in Cameroon and abroad, including civil society.

We will come together as mothers, wives and sisters and we will build an alliance that is stronger, louder and more numerous than those who profit from war. Nothing will silence us or slow us down – not the difficult memories, the painful testimonies or the ignorance of those who treat women without respect. It is true that women are paying a disproportionately heavy price in armed conflicts every day. But we have also shown that we can face these difficult challenges with a strong determination, loud voices and firm actions. Women are the glue of society – we have come with an unwavering commitment to bring peace to the country we love and to make it a better place for ourselves and our children.