FES Climate Forum: the theme of water, 13 October 2020

On 13 October, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation brought together a number of civil society actors via a webinar to reflect on the theme of water. This activity, organised as part of the “Fes Climate Forum” programme, provided an opportunity to debate this right, on which the realisation of several others depends, such as the right to health, the right to food, the right to a healthy environment, etc. The event was a good opportunity to discuss the issue of water.

Access to quality water and sanitation is a fundamental right for all Cameroonians according to international agreements and national texts adopted and ratified by the State. However, the case of Cameroon highlights an unsatisfactory management of this good both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Sometimes abundant and deadly, (recurrent floods), sometimes absent (devastating droughts), sometimes victim of pollution and waste due to anthropic activities in Cameroon, water is at the heart of many social, economic and environmental ills in Cameroon. Hence the actions, but above all the actors called upon during this meeting for a better management of this public good. Among these actors, the decentralised territorial sphere, closer to the populations and contexts, was pointed out as the main guarantor for the concretisation of this right.