Civicism, prevention and management of health crises in Cameroon: the case of Covid -19, Webinar, 13 May 2020

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation organized on 13 May a sensitization workshop for Cameroonian civil society organizations against the Covid-19 health crisis.

Throughout the world, States have adopted measures to counter the spread of this deadly virus; Cameroon has not remained aloof from this trend by also taking measures to respond to this pandemic. However, economic, political, religious and environmental issues challenge the respect of some of these measures such as social distancing and the closure of educational and commercial establishments.

In the face of these multiple challenges and the tendency to loosen the barrier measures adopted against this deadly crisis, the FES considered it important and urgent to strengthen the awareness of citizens through this activity which could only be carried out digitally.

Various civil society organizations that attended this webinar also took on the mission of taking this awareness message, highlighting individual responsibility for an effective response to the Covid-19 crisis, far and wide.